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“It felt like they really wanted to make sure we wound up in the best possible home, and not just selling a house. Really making sure we wound up in a good home.”


– Lucas, Homebuyer

Brett Jennings

Expert Advisor / CEO 

Brad Garofalo

Real Estate Expert 

Tony Fery

Real Estate Expert 

Nneka Jenkins

Real Estate Expert 

Kelly Baldwin

Concierge Agent 

David Guardanapo

Inside Sales Agent 

Olympia Pistalu

Real Estate Expert 

Michelle Apana-Horn

Director of Client Experience 

Tiffany Potter

Client Care Coordinator 

Justin Dahl

Listing Manager 

Jennifer Greenfield

Marketing Coordinator 

Frank Kamal

Strategy & Business Advisor 

Hilary Saunders

Real Estate & Tax Lawyer, Broker-of-Record at Side 

Corey Alverson

Creative Director